Season 8 Entourage Extended Trailer 2011/8/23 2:58:07

By the end of the seventh season of "Entourage," Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) had succumbed to the excesses of Hollywood life in true Charlie Sheen style. He alienated his friends, became addicted to drugs and he even got his own "goddess" in the form of Sasha Grey, a former adult actress. Events spiraled into disaster when Vince cost himself a coveted movie role before he was beaten up by Eminem's bodyguards and caught by the police with a bag of cocaine.

But when "Entourage" returns for its eighth and final season Entourage later this month, the dark days are over.

As the season begins, Vince is released from rehab and ready to resume his career, while his brother, Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon) claws for another shot at fame by playing a talking gorilla in an animated series. Even Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) seems to be finding success in the tequila business as Eric Murphy (Kevin Connolly) gets some bad news from his fiancee, Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui).

HBO's extended trailer for the eighth season shows the boys back in action, as Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) attempts to get back together with his wife and Drama finds tension while working alongside Andrew Dice Clay.

In addition to Clay, including this season's guest stars Illeana Douglas, Johnny Galecki, Rob Morrow, Alex Rodriguez, Christian Slater, Rachel Zoe and Mark Cuban make an appearance back.


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