It a Hart Time for Sam in Supernatural 9 2013/9/13 11:11:55

It is not good for the Winchesters in Supernatural season 9!
The return of Supernatural will not easy for Sam! The Grim Reaper makes an ominous return of the 9th season and he has some matter to settle with Sam!
With Moose comatose in his hospital bed, Dean isn't too happy at the prospect of his brother's life being "in God's hands." But is that enough for Dean to make a deal with Death? We do know he's keeping a big secret from Sam about how he survives the dangerous repercussions of the trials. Could this be it?
Coming to the 9th season, Supernatural has won a great number of fans! The 9th season is a hard time for Sam! Hope everthing will be ok! Supernatural season 9 DVD is coming soon!

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