Adrian Grenier Talks about ‘Entourage’ Final Season 2011/8/23 2:57:21

It's been pretty a ride for Adrian Grenier's “Entourage” character Vincent Chase – also it is not greater than just yet.

“Entourage” returns for its eighth and final season on HBO on July 24 and Adrian said the new season will show a new & improved Vince – very different than what viewers saw at the end of Season 7 Entourage.

“The season begins with Vince coming out of rehab and he's gone through the whole process. Now, he has to come back and prove to everybody that he's not actually as messed up as everyone thinks and that he's prepared to get back on top,” Adrian told Access.

But will Vince's newfound focus last throughout the final episodes?

“It carries out through the first few episodes and he has to prove himself to his friends and those that worry about him,” Adrian explained. “But moreover, throughout the whole season, Vince becomes extremely selfless. His entire goal is to help Johnny Drama [Kevin Dillon] and that’s part of his 12 steps — to be more generous and giving to others.”

When it came to putting the finishing touches on the show's run, Adrian admitted he did so with mixed emotions.

“It was totally bittersweet,” he said of the last day on set. “It was like the last day of high school — grown men were being reprimanded and we couldn't focus.”

But just because Vince and the boys will end their HBO stretch at the conclusion of the season, doesn't necessarily mean fans won't get more “Entourage dvds.”

The much-bandied-about “Entourage” movie will “absolutely” happen, according to Adrian, who insisted there is still much more of the story to tell.

“I feel that we all thought we could use more episodes, more seasons,” he continued. “Of course, the thing about ‘Entourage series 1-7’ is that it's [about] the ups and downs of the business and life that always flow. I think there is more time and opportunity to explore that.”

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