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24 seasons are quite an interesting series that is based on a unique theme. Each 24 episode of the series is an hour long and every season evolves over twenty four hours. What makes the series so interesting is that the way the concept has been developed.

The series of 24 seasons 1-8 DVD Box Set is a collection of eight different seasons in which suspense slowly unfolds while the characters try their best to follow the clues and solve the crises smoothly. The leading actor on the series is Jack Bauer who is the CTU leader and a born killer who had been the head of an assassination organization once. Jack is an interesting character; he is a mix of tough and soft. He is a gentle and loving father to his daughter but a cold hearted man when he is on his mission. However, he is effective when it comes to work and manages to get things done. He is a rebel and does not believe in following rules and regulations. The CTU is actually a group of women and men who are efficient at their work and manage to get the crimes solved. Twenty Four seasons 1-8 have several interesting episodes where Jack manages to shoot down his suspect without a blink of an eye. In another episode Jack has to teach his daughter on the phone how to shoot a murderer. The daughter shoots at the murderer and Jack even encourages her to shoot once more just to confirm that he is dead. I like this show, I think the most interesting thing in the show is the main characters, all of them do a great job.

The plot and the story is interesting and exciting, managing to keep the viewers coming back for more. The real life experience offered by the series keeps the viewers glued in. 24  seasons DVD have several interesting episodes, you should watch it. This show is really worth watching, I’m sure you will like it at the first time you watch it, and the more you watch it the more you will like it.

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