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The Closer Season TV show is an American crime drama, and it’s widely loved in the world. The show starring Kyra Sedgwick as Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, a Georgia police detective who arrives in Los Angeles to lead the Priority Murder Squad, later renamed Priority Homicide Division and currently called Major Crimes Division, a team that originally dealt with high profile murder cases. The show makes you have wonders about what will happen in the next.

The Closer Focus on one aspect of the culture of Los Angeles and its interface with the police in the city-mega. The program is complex and delicate issues of ethics in politics, personal integrity and substantial questions of good and evil. The characters explore the human condition is wide enough to handle individual beliefs, traditional religion influences the lives and communities in contemporary society and the break down and dysfunctional family systems, teamwork and responsibility of Government.

The Closer DVD show consists largely of an ensemble of detectives who make up the LAPD's fictional Major Crimes Division. Some observers have noted strong similarities between Johnson and Jane Tennison, the lead character in the British crime drama, Prime Suspect, with an article in USA Today calling The Closer "an unofficial Americanization of the British series. In interviews, Sedgwick has acknowledged that the show owes "a debt" to the British crime drama, and that her admirations for that show, and for Mirren, were factors that first interested her in the role. I’m strong recommend you watch this show, I’m sure the more you watch it the more you will like it.

The Closer TV show goes on and Brenda plan on family finances and eliminate the evidence that the killing of father of her child. So this leaves open endless possibilities Brenda. Of course it is Christmas Eve and all the detectives AE not happy because they do it, we all know of a Murder, objective Brenda loves nothing more than rolling your sleeves and working conditions are attached. There more interesting parts waiting for you at the Closer series episodes, if you have interest you can watch it.

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