Catching the Time Watch Lost 2011/6/20 20:28:17

When Lost first came on the air on ABC it was an instant hit with over millions viewers over the first few episodes. After spending some time watching the DVD's for the first time, I can certainly understand why. With the interesting episodes and the excellent characters, it’s difficult to make Lost TV show not popular.

I'd like to tell something interesting about this show to you. During the first season of the show the writers give us plenty of topics which will continue throughout the entire series. To start we see common science fiction elements as well as human interest elements as each individual has a series of choices to make in order to become a better person or not, such as whether or not to continue using illegal drugs. By the end of the Lost first season they realize that not only are they not alone on the island, but perhaps the others on the island are not going to be helping them to escape back to civilization. It is with this backdrop of survival and the fight to leave the island and be rescued that we're able to peer into our society from a distance and confront some of the common questions we all must answer during our lives. How honest should we be? Are we fundamentally good people? What would you do for your children? How do you value the lives of your family versus a stranger? In many ways I believe Lost became such a commercial success because it posed these complicated questions and interesting human interactions. I thoroughly enjoyed the first season, it was unpredictable while offering a unique viewing experience by offering a continual flashback into characters' lives with one character being featured in each episode. I think most people will like it, at the first sight you watch it. Don't miss the time watch it, this is a TV show you will never regret watching it.

Want more Lost information? You can watch all the Lost season episodes, for all the Lost episodes have already released on. I'm sure you will deeply attract by the interesting episode and excellent main characters. I think all the characters do a great job in this show, I like them very much. After you watch this show, you will benefit a lot from it, the more you watch it the more you will like it.

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