We Will Get Who Is Red John in The Mentalist Season 5 2013/5/6 11:16:26

We all know that The Mentalist season 5 will comes to the end soon! With the development of the storyline, the viewers will know who is Red John soon!
After watching the episode on Sunday, we know that Patrick Jane narrowed down the list of the suspects to seven people  And despite the twists and tricks of the past, Brune Heller, the creator and executive producer of the show, said that  And despite the twists and tricks of the past.
He told TVGuide that "The cards are up on the table and they're the real cards, and there is no sort of double twist. There's no more messing around.We've been through all the twists and turns of plot, and we're now getting to the truth. Only the truth gets revealed from now on in."
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