Let's Cheers! Game Of Thrones! 2013/6/7 10:51:49

Winter is Coming or Beer is coming! Game of Thornes will come back in 2013. Let cheers!
What are you thinking about? No, we're not talking about the regular host of special winter-only lagers. Ommegang Brewery, which makes the popular Belgian-style beer Duvel among others, will release a line of beers inspired by the themes and characters of Game of Thrones, The New York Times reports.
There are three more beers will be released in the TV show Game of Thrones. Here's the scoop of the show! The first beer is Iron Throne Blonde Ale. It is said that this beer is in honor of the he blonde King Joffrey, however, no one knows! Will you have a try?
Game of Thrones DVD set is hot on sale!

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