Everyone Around Me Dies in Nikita 3 2013/4/29 9:00:04

Nikita season 3 is coming and will end soon.Everyone around me dies? Who will dies in this season?Just read this show here.
Though there was plenty of action in this week's "Nikita," the episode still felt a little akin to the calm before the storm, allowing us all to take a collective breath before delving headfirst into the final three episodes of the season.
"Self-Destruct" examined many of the choices that led our agents to this point, allowing the characters to take responsibility for their actions, but also teaching them that some consequences are inevitable, and that martyring themselves out of guilt won't erase the damage that's been done, it will merely prevent them from making amends for it in the future.
Once again, the show illustrated just how closely Nikita and Alex's journeys mirror each other, but interestingly, Nikita failed to acknowledge that it was Amanda who was responsible for breaking her out of her own self-destructive cycle by telling our heroine that as long as she carried the guilt for Daniel's death, and for always being the "survivor," she would inevitably find herself back on a ledge, ready to jump.
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