‘Entourage’ Season 8, Episode 4, 'Whiz Kid' works like a charm 2011/8/31 1:01:05

The episode picks up with the police swarming around at the producer’s suicide scene. TMZ is  there, too. For all the wrong reasons,Vince is back in the spotlights. He and the guys worry that he will be forced to take a urine test to see if he has been taking any drugs.Meanwhile, Ari and Dana Gordon are enjoying their time together. They giddily discuss the terms of a wager.

“Let’s just bet sex,” Ari tells her. “What do I win?” Dana asks. It sounds like they’re ready to in love.

They debate who has more emails and phone messages. They’re hitting it off quite nicely. “I think your marriage is long past troubled,” Dana says.

Clearly, Entourage 1-7 dvd boxset is in the thick of drama, not lighthearted, goofy fun.

The police question Vince about the suicide. Drama typically overreacts, suspecting that the cops are going to get Vince into trouble. When Vince remarks that Drama has seen too many episodes of Law and Order, Drama shoots back: “Been on more than I’ve seen.”

Eric, of course, acts like a nagging mother hen to Vince, who dreads getting a lecture.

“E, I need my friend now, not a lecture.”

Ari shows up late for couples’ therapy. Mrs. Ari will have none of it and she lets him have it. This season, the women on Entourage dvd collection are certainly stepping up and not taking any guff from their men. Sloan and Mrs. Ari are giving as good as they’re getting.

Mrs Ari says she can’t believe her husband has begun dating someone new. She bolts from the session. “Bill it to her,” Ari promptly tells the therapist.

Ari is amping up his courting of Dana Gordon. She giggles at his witticism that no matter how many cars they take to dinner, they’re going home together. Bobby Flay, Mrs. Ari’s new boyfriend, confronts Ari and they have words.

Billy gives Vince a fake penis and special urine, designed to help him pass the drug test. Eric freaks out. He is convinced that Vince may flunk his drug test.

Dana is furious that Ari has taken her to Fray’s restaurant because she knows he was using her. Mrs. Ari also loses her cool with him. She is jealous that Ari and Dana Gordon have become lovers.

Vince made the right call by enlisting Billy to help him pass the drug test. Their unorthodox plans works to perfection.

I suspect that the members of the audience, especially the faithful fans who have tuned in since the beginning in 2004, don’t quite know what to make of this new season of Entourage dvd.

Above all, the episodes are as well written as ever, and the guys are terrific.  But the tone is so dark and moody. Obviously, this is what creator and chief writer Doug Ellin intends.

Ellis takes a remarkable opportunity for Entourage dvds on sale. It would be so easy to keep his tone light and rewrite the same wide range of frat-boy pranks that he and his writing partner, Ally Musika, have all but raised to a high art in the annals of cable television.

But Ellis wants his credit more than easy yuks. People continue to laugh, but also think. The friends are older, like the rest of us. It is not fun and games anymore.

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