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Smallville Seasons 1-9 DVD Boxset

Smallville Seasons 1-9 DVD Boxset
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Name: Smallville
smallville seasons 1-9 dvd
Genre:  Adventure | Sci-Fi | Drama | Thrillers
No. of Season: Seasons 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Discs: 58
Created by:  Miles Millar,Alfred Gough
Starring: Erica Durance, Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk,Michael Rosenbaum, Annette O'Toole, John Glover, Tom Welling
Release Date: 2010
Format: Support both NTSC & PAL
Weight: 2.7 kg
Condition New Box Set

Dolby Digital 5.1-- English
Subtitles-- removable


Smallville DVD Plot

The numerous miraculous rescues by the local wonder boy Clark have aroused suspicions amongst colonials of Smallville. Interestingly, the boy has managed to downplay his acts of various heroic egresses in the past. They say he's either too fast or has a penchant for finding trouble. He was found by Martha and Jonathan Kent on the day of the Meteor Shower, and subsequently adopted. Clark's friend Lex Luthor, the only heir of Luthorcorp, has been secretly investigating grounds for Clark's outlandish valor. However, on the face of it, Clark just seems a normal boy who's slightly more secretive than usual...

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smallville seasons 1-9 dvd smallville seasons 1-9 on dvd

smallville dvd box set

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By: kutea***
I Love Smallville and this season was no disappointment! I own every season and I think it was a clever idea to chronicle the life of Clark Kent "Superman" before the first movie came out. Its great to see what transpired between his arrival and his superhero life and why he is the way he is (not to mention why he wears what he does LOL).


By: Laert*
My boyfriend loves to watch smallville very much,his birthday is coming,I bought this DVD as a birthday gift for him,hope to give him a big surprise.


By: Yader**
I have all seasons of Smallville on DVD and really enjoy watching it again and again from Episode 1. There's great chemistry between Clark and Lois..Clark gets to let his guard down and be real, and Lois...well, Erica Durance is the PERFECT choice for Lois...she cracks me up! It's just fun watching them together.I'm liking it.


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