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24 Hours Season 4 DVD Boxset

24 Hours Season 4 DVD Boxset
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24  Season DVD Information

Name:24 24 season 4 dvd box set
Genre:Action | Crime  | Mystery | Thriller| Drama
No. of Season:Season 4
Created by:Robert Cochran,Joel Surnow
Starring:Kiefer Sutherland,Dennis Haysbert,Mary Lynn Rajskub,Carlos Bernard,Elisha Cuthbert,
Release Date:2004
Format:Support both NTSC & PAL
Weight:0.6 kg
ConditionNew Box Set
Audio:Dolby Digital 5.1 - English
Subtitles - removable

24 Season DVD Plot

A train collides with a truck filled with explosives. A man is shot. Over the phone, Jack Bauer hears the screams of his kidnapped sweetheart. Jack creates a faux-hostage crisis in a convenience store trapping Kalil and several innocent bystanders to buy Chloe more time to get the surveillance satellite working properly. Dina's murders Behrooz's girlfriend after she becomes suspicious. Audrey and Secretary Heller try to escape...

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24 season 4 dvd 24 season 4 on dvd

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24 seasons are quite an interesting series that is based on a unique theme. Each 24 episode of the series is an hour long and every season evolves over twenty four hours. What makes the series so...
Former "24" co-stars Reiko Aylesworth and Sarah Wynter will reunite on FX's drama series "Damages."Both actresses have signed for recurring roles on the legal thriller's upcoming t...
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