Supernatural Season 8, Episode 15 Review 2013/2/22 9:41:29

This news about ‘Supernatural’ Season 8, Episode 15 Review – A Witch and His Dog!In this week’s episode of ‘Supernatural’, Sam and Dean walk into witch bar, talk to a cat and befriend a dog.

In this week’s episode of Supernatural, “Man’s Best Friend With Benefits”, Sam and Dean step away from God’s trials for a standalone episode about a witch who is far too close to his dog. Now that the show has made its triumphant return, is it finally ready to merge all of its many storylines?

After Sam and Dean receive a message from James Frampton – a police offer who helped them on a previous case – about having dreams of murdering people he didn’t, the Winchesters get thrown into the weird world of witches and their familiars. As one pet steps out of line for their master, and another steps out of line with their master, Sam and Dean must put an end to the murders while making as few jokes as possible.

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