'Entourage' Stars Want President Barack Obama to Act 2011/8/23 2:56:47

The season 8 of HBO's hit series "Entourage" began this past weekend.

Series regulars Jeremy Piven and Kevin Dillon reportedly had wanted President Barack Obama to make a cameo before the last episode aired.

The president's handlers couldn't comply, though; certainly it's difficult to detect an upside for Obama's re-election efforts in showing up on the profanity-laced program.

"We thought maybe there was a chance we could get him to do something. But it didn't happen," Dillon told the New York Daily News.

Hope apparently springs eternal in the hearts of the president's Left Coast fans. Since the series is eventually slated to become a feature film, Piven hasn't given up on his dream of seeing Obama in the big-screen version of the Hollywood dramedy.

"We'll get him for the movie," Piven declared.

"Entourage" dvd boxset has boasted a number of celebrity cameos, including appearances by Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, Christina Aguilera, Martin Scorsese, Kanye West, Whoopi Goldberg, Jessica Simpson, and executive producer Mark Wahlberg.

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