Downton Abbey Season 4 Will Earn More Tears 2013/9/2 11:59:27

Maybe it is a hard time for Mary in the 4th season of Downton Abbey! Are you waiting for the Downton Abbey season 4?!
 Although the new season picks up after the shocking death of Mary's husband Matthew, Mary will still have to process it. "You have a straightforward choice," the Dowager Countess warns Mary. "You must choose either life or death." The 4th season of Downton Abbey expect more tears. Have you prepare enough facial tissue for the forth season of Downton Abbey. Downton will also be full of laughter and romance once again. But don't count on new suitors making everything better. Unfortunately Dockery recently told us it's unlikely Mary will "ever be happy for a long time."
Downton Abbey will be back soon! Are you ready for it?  Downton Abbey season 4 DVD is coming soon!

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