Bones Season 7 Spoilers: Some Familiar Faces Return 2011/8/24 2:09:38

We had a few new spoilers about the Bones dvd new cast in recent weeks, but what about the guest stars of the past? So many great actors and characters have made the Bones world in recent years, it would be a shame if at least some did not return for Bones season 7.Fortunately, it appears that in fact have several favorites from the past to return. These include Tina Majorino, Carla Gallo and Ralph Waite.

The three actors will return to Bones to reprise their earlier roles in Bones dvd collection.

Since she was in the thoroughly unforgettable season-6 episode, "The Hole in the Heart," in which Mr. Nigel-Murray was fatally shot, it's pretty hard to forget Tina Majorino's guest stint on Bones. Her character of Special Agent Genevieve Shaw only hinted at what more she could do -- you know, other than scare off Broadsky by not being stealthy enough. Shaw is now set to reappear in episode 4 of the upcoming season.

Hopefully, she can be the FBI equivalent of a squintern for Booth. Because that would be kind of cool.

Also returning to Bones in season 7 is Carla Gallo, who has played the recurring role of Daisy Wick for several seasons now. There had been a question of the actress returning, thanks to work in potential fall-season pilots, but Gallo is now free for Bones duty.

Will she and Sweets keep their "ambiguous" relationship going? Did Sweets ever propose off-screen? It seems like a no, but you can never tell with those crazy kids. John Francis Daley, who plays Sweets, says "They love each other very much" but adds that their relationship is likely to be "unpredictable."

Among those the final name announced to return is Ralph Waite,who played Booth's grandfather back in season 5.According to Bones dvd executive producer Stephen Nathan,Ralph will return in episode 4 of season 7 to help out Booth in the face of a "family crisis."

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